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Jessie Darling is Piercing at Riverside

Posted by Emma T

Jessie Darling is Piercing at Riverside

For those who haven't heard the great news, Jessie Darling of Pretty Little Prix piercing shop now has a booth at Riverside tattoo! 

Jessie is well known for her lightning fast piercings, high-quality jewellery, and her bright personality. She focuses on making sure each and every person in her booth feels comfortable and well taken care of. 

Whether its getting a new piercing, starting a project, looking for a new piece of jewellery, or asking a question, Jessie Darling has you covered. *She is a pro at piercing little ones, so if your kiddo is looking to get their ears pierced, now you know that PrettyLittlePrix can do it safely in an environment that you can feel confident about.*

Visit @aprettypiercier and @pretty_little_prix on instagram to see photos of her lovely clients piercings, available jewellery, and more!