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Run-Through of Riverside: For the Unsure and The Curious

Run-Through of Riverside: For the Unsure and The Curious

Riverside Tattoo is open to everyone; from the most experienced skaters, tattoo getters, barbershop goers, and marijuana enjoyers, to those looking to get their first tat, deck, cut, or pre-roll. All are welcomed and appreciated, and here's a run down of the shop for all the fresh faces who aren't sure where to start! 

Part One: How do I get in and where do I put my car?

You can find us at 172 Simcoe St, If you see a big red brick wall you've found us. Our street entrance is right below the Riverside banner, go through the wooden doors and you're in! To the right of our entrance are the doors to our friends at Fallen Giants, the dispensary for all of your marijuana wishes. As for your car, there's free parking round back through the alley and lots of street parking throughout downtown. 

Part Two: There are so many stairs, what now?

Once you get inside, there's a flight of stairs to get to the sign-in desk. Jake, Clarkey, or Emma will be there to greet you. The sign-in desk is for signing waivers, checking out, and asking any questions you may or may not have! We are happy to answer. On the first floor is our clothing, decks, the barbershop, and all of our skateboarding supplies. In the back by the barbershop is our bar! Feel free to ask for a drink and play some pool or read some magazines at one of many of our tables. 

Part Three: Its tattoo day and I don't know where to go.

If you have an appointment, let someone at the desk know and they will get you signed in, ask if you need anything, and grab your artist. You'll go upstairs into one of our rooms and the tattoo process will begin. Afterwards, we'll settle up at the desk, let you know about aftercare, and send you on your merry way! 

We hope to see you soon!