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Our shop minimum is $100 and our artists are a flat rate of $160/hour plus HST.

Flash pieces are given a flat rate based on size and placement. We don't give quotes.

To book a consultation or get in touch with an artist, finish reading this and please fill out the form below.


We require: Full Name, Phone Number and Email. You must be 18 years of age or older

Including subject matter, placement, and size will speed up the process. 

 If you are looking to continue existing work with an artist, indicate who that is, and what you are working on to best plan for your appointment.

Please include which artist you would like to get tattooed by and note that:

Shawzy is fully booked.
Olivia is rebooking cancelled lockdown appointments only. 
Cole is working on traditional pieces of any size.
Kris is focusing on neo-traditional & traditional pieces of any size


Please note, we reserve the right to deny any submission that we do not wish to take on or is not completed with effort. If you are clear about what you want tattooed, this should be no issue. We may request reference photos, please try to have at least one.

Ensure you write the correct email and phone number so we can accurately contact you. Allow up to 72 hours for a response, as the artists must approve your submissions. Check your junk folders for a response if longer than that.

Thank you for your continued support!



172 Simcoe St 2nd Floor 

Peterborough, Ontario K9H2H7